Putting Your $$ To Work


What Your Donation Provides

$50 provides daily multi-vitamins for five children for a year.

$195 provides a Sawyer household water filter to one family or classroom.

$425 provides school supplies for an entire village for a year.

$800-$1,500 provides the capital to start small local businesses.

$2,500 provides training and maintenance of a village water treatment system for a year.

$4,000 provides all necessary medications and supplies for a week long medical or dental clinic.

$5,000 provides life-changing cleft palate surgery for one person.

$7,000 provides community/school kitchen, roof, water system and latrines.

$12,000 provides a complete water treatment system for a village, including training and monitoring.

Estimated Costs
Potable water well
Sanitary facilities for a school or community center
Base line costs of medical & dental clinics $7,500
Desks, tables and chairs for an elementary school $1,500
Refurbish or build a small community center $10,000
Sawyer water filters $200
A community dentist (annually) $4,000
Hygiene & dental education $300
Establishing a “micro-credit” program $3,000


Dollar Allocation

With each dollar that is donated to Adopt-a-Village International, $1.75 worth of services is provided due to donated time and resources of our many partners/volunteers.


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